CD Cover Gröningen 1596 Spendenbrief Bronze CD "Die Orgelstadt Halberstadt"

On Sunday, the 24th of March 2019, at 5:00 p.m., the Donation Society OGR starts a series of events in favour of its organ-project - the rebuilding of the David-Beck-Organ in the Martini-Church of Halberstadt. The Nordhausen organist Michael Kremzow plays a benefit concert in the winter-church of the Halberstadt Cathedral. This is a community drive of the Donation Society OGR and of the Society "Musik am Dom" which is supporting the renovation of the Cathedral-Organ. - Further events of the year 2019 you can look up on section "Events" on this website within a short time.

The organ-specialist Koos van de Linde has finisched the computation of the first windchest for the organ new to be constructed in order of the Donation Society in October 2018. The documentation exists. The Donation Society wishes to express thanks to the foundation Harzsparkasse and to all private donors for the financial support in achieving of this measure. The item "windchest" shall appear on the agenda by the Annual General Assembly 2019.

The Concert Season 2018 in the Halberstadt Cathedral was completed in the Halberstadt Cathedral in the month October. Alone for the benefit of the Beck-organ were to be expierenced 5 concerts. The Donation Society should like to thank all who contributed to this concerts. The proceeds were vary helpful.

The Annual General Assembly of the year 2019 takes place in the Winterkirche of the Halberstadt Cathedral on the 7th of September 2019.

The promotional society OGR is in need of financial support for the realization of its objective - the rebuilding of the David-Beck-organ in St. Martini in Halberstadt.  Every donation is a help. Therefore, we have created four attractive “Donation Letters”: the Bronze Donation Letter for 25 €, the Silver Donation Letter for 50 €, the Golden Donation Letter 100 € and the Premium Donation Letter for donations of more than 100 €. You can support the objective of the society by buying of one of these “Donation Letters”. Please transfer your donation to the account-nr. 300 005 652, Harzsparkasse, bank code number 810 520 00 – with the reference “Spende Beckorgel” and state your full address. Following this payment, the society will send you the Donation Letter and a donation certificate by mail. (International payment transaction IBAN: DE49 8105 2000 0300 0056 52,  BIC: NOLADE21HRZ). We thank you in advance.

There is an edition of the CD “Orgelstadt Halberstadt” (Organ City Halbestadt). A share in the profit of its sale is for the work of our promotion society. On this CD, you can hear the following recordings: the organist Harald  Vogel plays on the Eule-organ in the Cathedral St. Stephanus and Sixtus, Christoph Bossert on the Jesse-organ in St. Moritz, Claus-Erhard Heinrich on the Schuster-organ in the Liebfrauenkirche, Klaus-Jürgen Teutschbein on  the Bergen-organ in the Katharinenkirche, Bernhard Wieczorek on the Eule-organ in the St. Andres church, Claus-Erhard Heinrich on the Röver-organ in St. Martini, Christoph Bossert on the Jesse-organ of the Moritzkirche, Hans-Ola Ericson on the Hüfken-organ in the winter church of the Cathedral and Jean Charles Ablitzer on the Fritzsche-Treutmann-organ of St. Levin in Harbke. You can hear works by Adam Ileborg, Conrad Paumann, Michael Praetorius, Andreas Werckmeister, Johann Gottfried Walter, Johann Sebastian Bach, Claus-Erhard Heinrich and Christoph Bossert. You can order this CD by e-mail to the promotional society; the price is 18,00 € plus postal surcharge. Every CD sale is a help for the rebuilding of the David-Beck-organ.

Download publication of a contribution of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Aumüller to the journal of the History Society for Halberstadt and the Northern Harz Foreland (booklet number 64 of the journal “Zwischen Harz und Bruch) (PDF96kB)

Download “Report on Results of the Iinvestigation of the Röver-organ in the Martinikirche in the July 2012)